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About Us

Background & History

Candlelight Bags and Covers cc initially started in a 50m2 factory with minimal electrical connections. It was with this difficulty that candles were utilized to help illuminate the area where manual cutting and preparations were done. It is because of this feature that the name Candlelight Bags and Covers cc was founded. Currently, Candlelight Bags and Covers cc has a 375m2 factory that purely focuses on the refurbishment of slings and second hand FIBC. Further to this the manufacturing warehouse for innovative commodities comprises of an 875m2 factory. Candlelight Bags and Covers cc began commercial production of FIBC in October 1994 and has expanded to an annual production capacity of about 650 000 FIBC and 200 000 slings.

Candlelight Bags and Covers cc has been accredited with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, a tactile indication of the high eminence in our product range. Candlelight Bags and Covers cc is a United Nations Certified entity. Candlelight Bags and Covers cc is a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor, concentrating on the magnification of female entrepreneurs and youth in society.

The success in the business is based upon the critical principles of: quality, efficient service, innovation and affordability. It is with these principles and our notable superior quality and service; we have become one of the leading FIBC manufacturers in South Africa.

Vision & Mission

The vision is to transform the company into a modern and dynamic polypropylene woven bag manufacturing company that is fully equipped to play a meaningful role on the sustainable basis in the economy of South Africa. To explore new markets and products to promote and expand sales of the company through good governance and foster a sound and dynamic team, so as to achieve optimum prices of products for sustainable and equitable growth and prosperity of the company.

The mission is simply to provide the highest level of quality in everything that is offered to all customers, whether it is FIBC or other finished products and services. Consistently striving to meet and exceed the customer's expectations and remain committed to continually advancing the technology and services to meet customer requirements. Continuous commitment to excellence begins with the people that are employed and the service provided.

Our Team

Devan Naicker

Managing Director-MD

Kiresha Ramluckan

Chief Financial Officer-CFO

Myolan Naicker

Chief Operating Officer-CEO